Pastoral Ministry Track

In this program, the pastor-in-training is both involved in ministry, and is continuing to study iTIM courses, and even lead them.

After completing the three Discipleship Track courses, the six Bible Teaching Track courses, plus the following three Pastoral Track Year Five courses, a Diploma in Pastoral Ministry may be awarded.

  • Preparing to Preach (12 lessons) teaches and illustrates the several elements of the sermon, and helps learners develop (and preach) their own sermon from each of these three types. Outcome: Learners will complete three sermon outlines, and preach one sermon from each: topical, textual, and expository.
  • A Panorama of Christian History (12 lessons) provides a “big picture” view of the Church, from the 1st through the 20th century. It also emphasizes practical lessons that can be applied to one's own ministry. Outcome: Learners will be challenged to teach this course to another person or group.
  • Contending for the Faith (12 lessons) is apologetics in action. Outcome: Learners will be enabled to defend their faith in an intellectual world, and lead non-believers to faith in Christ.

For more information about iTIM, including how to prepare for and launch an iTIM in your church, download the Operations Manual.