About iTIM

iTIM began with a vision on the part of missionary educators, Bob and Maryann Samms, who served in the Philippines for 22 years. In the late 70s, God began stirring Bob’s heart with a deep burden to see ordinary church members become equipped for, and then involved in ministry. In those early years, courses were designed, written, tested, and used in Denver area churches and beyond.

We believe that every local church should be an equipping center to train their people for ministry, and in ministry.

The iTIM Educational Methodology

iTIM’s educational methodology is defined as "head", "heart", and "hands".

  • First, every iTIM course emphasizes strong biblical content. We take the essence of subject matter, and ask that learners learn it well. This is the head part of our methodology.
  • Second is the heart. Every iTIM course contains applications to the learner’s own heart and life.
  • Third is the hands. Learners will use what they have learned, in actual ministry. We are not merely training people for ministry, but in ministry. A ministry opportunity is a part of every iTIM course.

How to Get Started

Getting started with iTIM should involve the following steps:

  1. Complete your reading of the iTIM Manual. Then (depending on your congregation’s needs) preach or teach on the subjects covered in Chapters 2-6.
  2. Once the decision has been made to launch iTIM in your church, finalize your plan of operations, including which courses you will offer, when and where, and who will lead the study groups (aided by the leader’s guide, which is available for the majority of courses).
  3. Order workbooks and leader’s guides from our website: TrainingInMinistry.com. (Orders are shipped from Scottsdale AZ, 3-5 days after placing your order.)
  4. Promote your iTIM from the pulpit, via posters, and in the church bulletin. Challenge your people to become equipped to serve our Lord!
  5. After launching, monitor your iTIM week by week. Encourage your study leaders and their learners, Make prayer for them and their ministry a top-shelf priority. God will give the increase.

Any group wishing to use Institute for Training In Ministry (iTIM) courses are free to do so without charge. They may also put their own "brand" all iTIM courses by making your own covers and course introduction. Our only request is that credit be given to Discipleship Overseas, Inc. who is the copyright owner.

For further information or questions please email: admin@TrainingInMinistry.com.