Church Ministry Track

After completing the three Discipleship Track courses plus any three of the Church Ministry Track courses, you may award a Diploma in Church Ministries.

  • Welcome to Your Ministry teaches learners that God has given all believers the title and the resources of a minister, and has called them to become involved in ministry in and through the church. Outcome: Learners will be challenged to become good stewards of their time and talents and become better equipped to serve Christ.
  • How to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (12 lessons) is a study of the spiritual gifts taught in the New Testament. Outcome: Learners will discover or become more confident of their own gifts, and how and where to use them in service for Christ.
  • Your Ministry of Prayer (12 lessons) studies prayer in Scripture and will guide learners into a significant ministry of prayer. Outcome: Learners will commit to a significant and ongoing ministry of prayer.
  • Outreach as a Life-style (12 lessons) will train learners to develop friendships with people that will lead to sharing Christ with them. Outcome: Learners will build this evangelism approach into their daily lives.
  • Your Ministry at Home (12 lessons) provides practical principles in how to establish and maintain a Christian home. Outcome: Learners will apply the principles within the learner's family, and lead others through this course.
  • Touching Tomorrow by Teaching Children (12 lessons) will train workers to serve in the exciting and rewarding ministry of teaching children. Outcome: Learners will apply the teachings of this course by teaching children, in the Sunday School, and in other teaching opportunities.
  • Christianity in the Workplace (12 lessons) relates faith to practical and ethical issues on the job. Its focus is on how to reflect Christ in the work world. Outcome: Learners will apply these biblical principles to their areas of work.