A Survey of the New Testament

This 24-lesson Survey of the New Testament includes basic outlines of each book, background information for each book, and questions to be answered. Learners who complete this study will be qualified to lead Bible studies in any New Testament book. It is  is designed for group study in the iTIM series of equipping courses.
Learner’s Book

Learner’s Book

Leader’s Guide

A Leader’s Guide is not available. If you prepare a well-written leader’s guide, we can make it available here, for the benefit of others.  Contact us for more information.

Note: iTIM courses call for about an hour’s personal study for each lesson. Along with this personal study, there should be a weekly discussion with others who are also taking the course. This group study should be led by a qualified leader, who has studied both the lesson for the week, and the material in the Leader’s Guide.