Resources for Your Equipping Ministry

Are you looking for quality resources to train Christian workers for ministry?  TIM offers workbook-type courses for both Christian growth and ministry, and for the training of bi-vocational pastors. All courses are available for free downloading, or for purchase.

TIM courses feature  a "head", "heart", and "hands" educational methodology, which means:

  • strong academic content
  • personal applications
  • practical ministry suggestions


You may also modify these courses, based on your own ministry needs.

For downloading or purchasing information, click on any course title.

Downloading Training Materials

Design Your Equipping Ministry Download this "how to" manual to help you prepare for and implement your equipping ministry.


Christian MINISTRY Courses

Your Ministry of Prayer studies prayer in Scripture, and will help learners become involved in a significant ministry of prayer.

Outreach as a Life-style will train lay people to develop friendships with people which will lead to sharing Christ with them.

Touching Tomorrow by Teaching Children is a superb tool to train more workers to serve in the exciting ministry of teaching children.

Your Ministry at Home provides many practical principles in how to establish and maintain a truly Christian home.

Christianity in the Workplace relates faith to practical and ethical issues on the job. Its focus is how to be like Christ in the work world.


Pastoral MINISTRY Courses

Learning to Serve: Jesus as Role Model teaches the servant life-style of Jesus in many ministry related contexts, and helps learners put this into practice in their ministry.

Equipping for Leadership will train for more effective leadership in church ministry.

Preparing to Preach is a practical "hands on" course on homiletics. The elements of sermon preparation are taught and illustrated in this12-lesson course. Learner will also be given opportunity to preach one message of each sermon type: topical, textual, and expository.

Contending for the Faith is a course on Christian apologetics, which will equip learners to defend and share their faith, especially among intellectual unbelievers.

Christian GROWTH Courses

Christianity 101 is designed to disciple new Christians, either in small groups, or one-to-one. It is also an equipping tool to enable others to become involved in a ministry of one-to-one discipleship

Panorama of the Bible features easy-to-remember visuals for each of the 12 Bible periods. Learners will thrill as they learn and remember the big picture of the Bible’s content and message.

Welcome to Your Ministry teaches the important truth that God has called and gifted all believers for ministry and challenges them to get involved in some basic ministries in the church.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts will provide believers with a better understanding of which spiritual gifts they may have, and how to use their gifts in service for Christ.


Pastoral GROWTH Courses

How to Study the Bible will give students an in-depth exposure to the inductive method of Bible study and help them develop their own outlines for leading Bible studies.

Truth That Transforms will provide learners with a solid foundation in the major doctrines of Scripture, with an emphasis on practical applications.

New Testament Survey is a 12 lesson survey of the New Testament, which includes basic outlines of each book, background information for each book, and questions for individual study or to lead group Bible studies.

Panorama of Christian History provides a “big picture” view of the Church from the 1st through the 20th century. It also emphasizes practical lessons we can apply to our own ministry.


TIM courses call for about an hour’s personal study for each lesson. Along with this personal study, there should be a weekly discussion with others who are also taking the course. This group study should be led by a qualified leader, who has studied both the lesson for the week, and the material in the Leader’s Guide.